Establishments Unit
Establishment number
Parent company's VAT
BE 0475.067.495
Date of creation
November 19, 2001
Parent company's name
Main activity
Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment

19 years in business



Landlede, 38
9451 Haaltert

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Primary activities

DateSector descriptionNace
14-11-2014Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment28.220

Secondary activities

DateSector descriptionNace
22-08-1970General construction of residential buildings41.201
22-08-1970General construction of other non-residential buildings41.203
22-08-1970Demolition works43.110
22-08-1970Electrotechnical installation work for buildings43.211
22-08-1970Plumbing works43.221
22-08-1970Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning43.222
22-08-1970Insulation works43.291
22-08-1970Plastering works43.310
22-08-1970Joinery works43.320
22-08-1970Tiling of floors and walls43.331
22-08-1970Fitting of wood coverings for floors and walls43.332
22-08-1970Wallpapering and wall and floor coverings in other materials43.333
22-08-1970Painting of buildings43.341
22-08-1970Roofing works43.910
22-08-1970Waterproofing of walls43.991
22-08-1970Restoration of façades43.992
22-08-1970Masonry and repointing43.994
22-08-1970Building restoration works43.995
22-08-1970Other specialised construction activities43.999
22-08-1970Landscape service activities81.300
22-08-1970Repair and maintenance of domestic boilers3.311.001
22-08-1970Realisation of the main structure of individual houses4.120.101
22-08-1970Construction of individual "turnkey" houses4.120.102
22-08-1970Realisation of the main structure of multi-cellular buildings (apartments, etc.)4.120.111
22-08-1970Realisation of "turnkey" apartments4.120.112
22-08-1970General coordination on the construction site4.120.122
22-08-1970Realisation of structural work on buildings and industrial or commercial structures, vehicle depots, warehouses, schools, clinics, buildings for the practice of worship, etc.4.120.301
22-08-1970Construction of motorways, roads, streets, pavements and other vehicular and pedestrian roads (including the installation of crash barriers)4.211.001
22-08-1970Paint marking of pavements and lay-bys or car parks4.211.003
22-08-1970Installation of electrical wiring and fittings4.321.101
22-08-1970Installation in buildings or other construction projects of: heating systems, electricity, gas and oil-fired boilers, ventilation and air conditioning material and ducting, etc.4.322.201
22-08-1970Installation of electrical heating systems4.322.211
22-08-1970Implementation in buildings or other construction projects of: thermal insulation, acoustic and anti vibration insulation4.329.101
22-08-1970Insulation work for heating or cooling pipes4.329.102
22-08-1970Insulation work for cold storage or refrigerated warehouses4.329.103
22-08-1970Installation of lifts and escalators4.329.911
22-08-1970Application in buildings or other construction projects of plaster or stucco for interiors or exteriors, including related lathing materials4.331.001
22-08-1970Assembly of exterior and interior joinery: doors, windows, staircases, fitted kitchen cupboards shop fittings, door and window frames, etc.4.332.001
22-08-1970Assembly of wooden or plastic mobile walls; lining walls, ceilings etc.4.332.002
22-08-1970Assembly of wooden or plastic garage doors, shutters, blinds, fences, gates etc.4.332.003
22-08-1970Assembly of wooden or plastic armoured doors and firewall doors4.332.004
22-08-1970Assembly of wooden or plastic greenhouses, verandas etc.4.332.005
22-08-1970Assembly of external and internal metal joinery: doors, windows, door and window frames, staircases, fitted kitchen cupboards, shop fittings, etc.4.332.011
22-08-1970Assembly of metal mobile walls; lining walls, ceilings, etc.4.332.012
22-08-1970Assembly of metal garage doors, shutters, blinds, fences, gates, etc.4.332.013
22-08-1970Assembly of metal armoured doors and fire doors4.332.014
22-08-1970Assembly of metal greenhouses, verandas, etc.4.332.015
22-08-1970Assembly of exterior and interior plastic joinery4.332.016
22-08-1970Installation of glass interior doors, partition walls, etc.4.332.021
22-08-1970Assembly of gypsum drywalls4.332.031
22-08-1970Fitting in buildings or other construction projects of: wall coverings or ceramic, concrete or stone tiles; granite flooring and wall coverings, etc.4.333.101
22-08-1970Fitting in buildings or other construction projects of: parquet and other wood floors, wooden wall coverings4.333.201
22-08-1970Interior and exterior painting of buildings4.334.101
22-08-1970Fitting of glass, mirrors, etc.4.334.301
22-08-1970Framework assembly4.391.001
22-08-1970Covering work using all materials4.391.002
22-08-1970Installation of draining elements for rainwater4.391.003
22-08-1970Waterproofing of roofs and roof terraces4.399.101
22-08-1970Treatment of walls with water repellent products4.399.111
22-08-1970Screed laying4.399.601
22-08-1970Formwork and rebar work4.399.902
21-08-1970Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning43.222
21-08-1970Commission trade of miscellaneous products46.190
21-08-1970Activities of holding companies64.200
21-08-1970Buying and selling of own real estate68.100
21-08-1970Business and other management consultancy activities70.220
20-08-1970Intermédiaires du commerce en produits divers51.190
20-08-1970Holdings financiers65.231
20-08-1970Marchands de biens immobiliers70.120
20-08-1970Location d'habitations, à l'exclusion des logements sociaux70.201
20-08-1970Bureau d'étude de marché74.131
20-08-1970Autres conseils pour les affaires et le management74.142
20-08-1970Activités de gestion et d'administration de holdings74.151