Your Managed It


Establishments Unit
Establishment number
Parent company's VAT
BE 0645.941.410
Date of creation
January 14, 2016
Parent company's name
Your Managed It
Main activity
Other printing

5 years in business



Herenthoutseweg, 14
2222 Heist-op-den-Berg

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Primary activities

DateSector descriptionNace
14-01-2016Other printing18.120

Secondary activities

DateSector descriptionNace
22-08-1970Commission trade of miscellaneous products46.190
22-08-1970Non-specialised wholesale trade46.900
22-08-1970Retail trade of computers, peripheral units and software in specialised stores47.410
22-08-1970Retail trade of telecommunications equipment in specialised stores47.420
22-08-1970Retail trade of audio and video equipment in specialised stores47.430
22-08-1970Retail trade of specialised stores of building materials, general assortment in specialised stores47.521
22-08-1970Retail trade of electrical household appliances in specialised stores47.540
22-08-1970Retail trade of games and toys in specialised stores47.650
22-08-1970Retail trade of clothing, underwear and accessories for ladies, men, children and babies, in specialised stores, general assortment47.716
22-08-1970Production of cinematographic films59.111
22-08-1970Production of films for television59.112
22-08-1970Production of films other than cinematographic and television59.113
22-08-1970Motion picture, video and television programme distribution activities59.130
22-08-1970Reproduction of sound recordings59.201
22-08-1970Music editing59.203
22-08-1970Other sound recording services59.209
22-08-1970Wired telecommunications activities61.100
22-08-1970Wireless telecommunications activities61.200
22-08-1970Other telecommunications activities61.900
22-08-1970Computer programming activities62.010
22-08-1970Computer consultancy activities62.020
22-08-1970Computer facilities management activities62.030
22-08-1970Other information technology and computer service activities62.090
22-08-1970Data processing, hosting and related activities63.110
22-08-1970Web portals63.120
22-08-1970Other information service activities n.e.c.63.990
22-08-1970Buying and selling of own real estate68.100
22-08-1970Business and other management consultancy activities70.220
22-08-1970Interior architecture71.112
22-08-1970Market research and public opinion polling73.200
22-08-1970Creating templates for personal and household goods74.101
22-08-1970Graphic design activities74.103
22-08-1970Photographic production, except press photographers' activities74.201
22-08-1970Rental and leasing of machine tools, hardware and hand tools for do-it-yourself77.291
22-08-1970Rental and leasing of television sets and other audio-visual equipment77.292
22-08-1970Renting and leasing of office machinery and equipment (including computers)77.330
22-08-1970Rental and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods77.399
22-08-1970General cleaning of buildings81.210
22-08-1970Combined office administrative service activities82.110
22-08-1970Photocopying, document preparation and other specialised office support activities82.190
22-08-1970Organisation of conventions and trade shows82.300
22-08-1970Other business support service activities n.e.c.82.990
22-08-1970Cultural education85.520
22-08-1970Other forms of education85.599
22-08-1970Installation of electrical wiring and fittings4.321.101
22-08-1970Installation of telecommunication systems and computer facilities4.321.102
22-08-1970Retail trade of furniture4.759.101
22-08-1970Organisation of weddings, banquets, cocktails, buffets, lunches and receptions5.621.002
22-08-1970Production and production of films of all types (series, television films, documentaries, etc.) intended for television broadcasting5.911.201
22-08-1970Production and realisation of commercials and promotional films, technical and corporate films, educational and training films, video clips5.911.301
22-08-1970Distribution (sale or rental) of motion picture films and video tapes to other units, but not to the general public5.913.001
22-08-1970Editing and distribution of films of all types on video tapes intended for the public5.913.003
22-08-1970Advising users on the type and configuration of computer hardware and software applications6.202.001
22-08-1970Activities of network integrators6.202.002
22-08-1970Holding management activities: intervention in day-to-day management, representation of companies on the basis of ownership or control of the share capital, etc.6.420.011
22-08-1970Real estate transactions such as: residential buildings and dwelling houses, non-residential buildings, land and grounds6.810.001
22-08-1970Transactions on own assets such as goodwill, leaseholds and key money (takeover)6.810.002
22-08-1970Advice and operational assistance to companies in the fields of public relations and communication7.021.001
22-08-1970Arbitration and conciliation between the management of companies and its employees7.021.002
22-08-1970Advice and assistance to companies and public services in planning, organisation, performance research, control, management information, etc.7.022.001
22-08-1970Calculation of the costs and benefits of proposed measures for planning, organising, performance, etc.7.022.002
22-08-1970Design and realisation of advertising campaigns for third parties, using all media7.311.001
22-08-1970Conception of texts and advertising slogans (copywriters)7.311.003
22-08-1970Design of advertising films7.311.004
22-08-1970Design of advertising films7.311.005
22-08-1970Design of showrooms, etc.7.410.502
22-08-1970Rental and leasing of machinery and equipment for construction and civil engineering, without operator (cranes, bulldozers, cement mixers, etc.)7.732.001
22-08-1970Rental, or payment for the use of software7.733.002
22-08-1970Research, selection, orientation and placement of personnel for employers or job seekers: formulation of job descriptions; selection and examination of candidates7.810.001
22-08-1970Organisation of recreational activities n.e.s. .: circus shows, puppet shows, rodeos, sound and light shows, etc.9.329.901
22-08-1970Maintenance and repair of computers and peripheral equipment9.511.001