Located 23 companies in avenue de la liberte in Gent

We located 23 legal entities on the address: avenue de la liberte in Gent in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0605.792.912Indiv Van Zuylen BernardSASPJ
BE 0462.352.973Hair DesignSPRLU
BE 0565.939.768ImmofanSPRL
BE 0549.838.164EleneSPRL
BE 0460.363.087Jens Management Consultancy And CommunicationsSPRLU FS
BE 0864.605.639Rutten Management CommunicationSPRL
BE 0415.037.264Greg-HouseSPRL
BE 0886.034.325A L'oree Du BoisSPRL
BE 0430.919.035F.t.i., Fabrication Tolerie IndustrielleSC (AS)
BE 0836.979.643Blue MoonASBL
BE 0642.762.283Pit Business SarlENT E
BE 0435.220.291Conseil Et GestionSC (AS)
BE 0438.635.384J. TroisfontainesSPRL
BE 0409.146.097Centre Interprofessionnel Pour L'amélioration Et La Promotion AnimalesASBL
BE 0869.711.896IpsodisSPRL
BE 0835.944.416Réno'v & SolsSPRL
BE 0834.092.805Nica Toiture SprlENT E
BE 0541.640.971Cabinet De Kinesitherapie Biemar FrancoiseSPRL
BE 0561.807.073Aube ConsultanceSC SPRL
BE 0461.736.529A.s.a. - Association De Services Et D'accompagnementASBL