Located 727 companies in allee des frenes in Mons

We located 727 legal entities on the address: allee des frenes in Mons in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0430.430.768Cominvest-HainautSA
BE 0430.273.687Sunny DaySPRL
BE 0427.490.975BiometoxSPRL
BE 0417.563.917Bureau D'etudes M-A. CantillonSPRL
BE 0420.034.744Comptoir D'emprunts Immobiliers Et D'assurancesSPRL
BE 0422.774.302Metalimpex (Benelux)SA
BE 0426.272.141SoredisSPRL
BE 0426.661.230OmnisSA
BE 0415.808.910B.f.s. Société Belge De Freins Et Lubrifiants.SPRL
BE 0441.260.621Amites Culturelles Belgo - Japonaises Mons - Borinage Et HainautASBL
BE 0442.219.139Association Des Fraternités De La Communauté Du Pain De VieASBL
BE 0441.708.306Immo FrancoisSPRLU
BE 0443.569.221Les ChartriersASBL
BE 0443.024.338Up To Jazz FestivalASBL
BE 0443.145.686Patrimoine Et Traditions De MessinesASBL
BE 0434.740.439Trans 93SC (AS)
BE 0440.128.689DepecasaSCRL
BE 0444.042.244Les ClercsSPRL
BE 0436.338.068Gestion, Travaux Et ImmobilierSPRLU
BE 0436.522.962Bati - BricSC (AS)