Located 1629 companies in galerie de l'ange 6 7 in Namur

We located 1629 legal entities on the address: galerie de l'ange 6 7 in Namur in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0431.407.302Supporters Club Sambre Et Meuse Du R.s.c. Anderlechtois (Section Football)ASBL
BE 0431.559.829MistralSPRL
BE 0418.652.691Château De NamurSC (AS)
BE 0418.672.388GermaSPRL
BE 0431.240.620OlibanoSC (AS)
BE 0430.109.876Henri ChristianSPRL
BE 0430.530.441Le PandaSC (AS)
BE 0430.546.178Tango 5000ASBL
BE 0429.799.278Distribution Generale NamurSA
BE 0430.058.705ComtecSPRL
BE 0428.737.030JurimetrieASBL
BE 0428.817.402Etablissements LejeuneSPRL
BE 0429.897.268DocogebelSA
BE 0416.527.106Galerie - Jardin D'harscampASBL
BE 0416.569.963Entreprises Générales D'electricité MoselecSPRL
BE 0419.551.229Le RichelieuSPRL
BE 0416.156.724C.d.SPRL
BE 0420.833.510Les ArdennesSPRL
BE 0424.351.640Hôtel De CharleroiSC (AS)
BE 0423.389.954PraxisSA