Located 1286 companies in *rue Latroye, in Wavre

We located 1286 legal entities on the address: *rue Latroye, in Wavre in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0416.407.14215019 Infor Famille Brabant Wallon - Centre De Planning Et De Consultation Familiale Et ConjugaleASBL
BE 0418.034.465Société D'etude Immobilière Et De CourtagesSPRL
BE 0418.355.258Michel ManneSPRL
BE 0416.713.879Electro Zschau Et CieSCRL
BE 0414.461.204Boutique BissSPRL
BE 0418.506.401Imprimeries V.d.s.SC (AS)
BE 0418.675.358SupothimoSPRL
BE 0418.866.982ErensSPRL
BE 0418.868.764NadiegeSPRL
BE 0416.068.632Fédération Francophone De Tae Kwon DoASBL
BE 0415.928.773Racing Moto PartsSA
BE 0417.843.831Puttemans - MotosSPRL
BE 0417.714.068Electro - ShopSPRL
BE 0417.074.066René SipletSPRL
BE 0428.410.693B.w. FixSPRL
BE 0428.412.475Materiaux Du ParcSA
BE 0429.292.306As BuiltSC (AS)
BE 0429.343.675InterdesignSA
BE 0430.622.788Literary And Commercial ServicesSC (AS)
BE 0429.949.431Anciennement Riga Et CieSA