Located 1461 companies in Allee de la Frenaie in Wavre

We located 1461 legal entities on the address: Allee de la Frenaie in Wavre in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0553.901.870Neo ParadygmSCS
BE 0629.853.860TammaraSPRL
BE 0550.607.533Absolute Kj EventsSPRL
BE 0597.728.846Notaire HouetSC SPRL
BE 0598.837.121TechnitoitureSPRL
BE 0560.935.063KerlosSPRL
BE 0628.437.066Sales & DreamsSPRL
BE 0639.764.191Enaxor ConseilsSPRL
BE 0644.562.921Gardenia InternationalSPRL
BE 0642.589.663Laura BacciSPRL
BE 0541.320.376O.p.i.m. Real EstateSPRL
BE 0669.552.891La Planche D'ailleursSPRL
BE 0658.901.204Live Emotions StudioSPRL
BE 0645.861.929Jma ConsultSPRL
BE 0659.566.346Grevesse Gilbert & Rodriguez ManSASPJ
BE 0659.622.269R.d.s.SASPJ
BE 0660.856.743SilorSPRL
BE 0652.777.633C.s.f.b.SPRL
BE 0659.465.386Verschueren M & Eon BrunoSASPJ
BE 0656.585.476Julie RenevierSPRL