Located 1485 companies in Avenue Balzac in Wavre

We located 1485 legal entities on the address: Avenue Balzac in Wavre in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0417.175.917Conceptexpo ProjectSA
BE 0416.539.774EurostampASBL
BE 0416.527.896Les Galeries De WavreSA
BE 0416.491.175HobergSA
BE 0414.479.317CastelbelSA
BE 0414.580.176Etablissements Henri DemortierSPRL
BE 0415.530.479Loca PaintSPRL
BE 0418.890.441LapeyreSA
BE 0415.756.648Self Service DarcheSPRL
BE 0415.557.896Produits HabiSA
BE 0417.983.391Grenier D'igorSA
BE 0415.638.169Etablissements J. Cl. AncartSPRL
BE 0415.698.052Wittock RvSPRL
BE 0416.965.485Contimex OmnibelSA
BE 0417.000.822Fondation Des Hautes EtudesASBL
BE 0428.665.566CreatransSA
BE 0428.456.423Janssens ConstructSPRL
BE 0428.034.769Technical And Business OfficeSA
BE 0428.188.880Apoteek Verboven - MertensSPRL
BE 0427.943.907Services Pour IndépendantsASBL