Located 58 companies in Kielsbroek in Antwerpen Info Supplementaires: MAGAZIJN 12 13

We located 58 legal entities on the address: Kielsbroek in Antwerpen Info Supplementaires: MAGAZIJN 12 13 in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0429.382.673Cho-EliSPRL
BE 0448.142.47315GramSPRL
BE 0407.163.636VerbiestSA
BE 0453.095.017Criar RonnySPRL
BE 0452.954.762De Groentenhalle Van AntwerpenSPRL
BE 0830.394.036Algemeen Reiniging ServiceSPRL
BE 0649.971.561Moy ChickenSPRL
BE 0678.863.309GomadSPRL
BE 0681.895.350Claessens GroothandelUTVA
BE 0884.608.425Central Primeurs ClaessensSPRL
BE 0893.641.697ArvidSPRL
BE 0874.658.007BluefinSPRL
BE 0880.445.442LemesosSCS
BE 0876.336.008Clear Fish HoldingSA
BE 0860.180.657Vers D'anversSPRL
BE 0686.713.775All Deal ConceptSPRL
BE 0846.110.511New Inter ConnectSPRL
BE 0425.953.031Vis En Mos.grooth. Ocean FoodSPRL
BE 0427.702.197GelboSA
BE 0433.099.159VawicoSPRL