Located 41 companies in antwerpse kaai in Antwerpen

We located 41 legal entities on the address: antwerpse kaai in Antwerpen in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0467.551.876Hancon InvestSA
BE 0459.357.653Wijnnatie Douane - AgentuurSA
BE 0453.366.518G.m. Maritime ServicesSA
BE 0427.954.496BoranSA
BE 0423.850.309OilioSA
BE 0427.183.347Port- And TransportservicesSPRL
BE 0427.914.213BoranSA
BE 0445.201.789CimportSA
BE 0416.473.458BahoutSPRL
BE 0417.940.237Drew Ameroid BelgiumSA
BE 0403.706.872CadaSA
BE 0431.831.033Carga AirSPRL
BE 0431.831.231CargaSPRL
BE 0431.831.330SeaconSPRL
BE 0461.053.173VosseschijnSPRL
BE 0452.864.492Pacific International ServicesSA
BE 0420.480.647TradaxSA
BE 0421.141.138TranexSA
BE 0422.196.161Antwerp Packing CenterSA
BE 0406.725.354Trans Vanheede AntwerpenSPRL