Check Alpi Invest in Parc Industriel(W-B) in Braine-le-Château

Check Alpi Invest and its 149 neighbors in Parc Industriel(W-B) in Braine-le-Château in Belgium, all operating with a Belgian corporate ID number. We located 149 legal entities on the address: Parc Industriel(W-B) in Braine-le-Château in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0501.780.505Alpi InvestSPRL
BE 0870.550.947Ideo Event DesignSPRL
BE 0832.098.860Av PlasticsSPRL
BE 0413.425.282RelcoSA
BE 0660.651.558Cars VillageSPRL
BE 0699.605.471Proson BeSPRL
BE 0445.985.214DixitSA
BE 0434.587.219PaprikaSA
BE 0460.174.037AdriaensSPRL
BE 0460.749.802Ci BelgiumSA
BE 0451.032.578Clad Steel EnginneringSA
BE 0841.572.592Mcv ServicesSPRL
BE 0501.763.479All Cabling ServicesSA
BE 0443.720.560Tou-TexSPRL
BE 0461.494.128Chrysler Belgium LuxembourgSPRL
BE 0892.158.488Makin'stuffSPRL
BE 0436.972.924All Lettering ScreenSA
BE 0676.848.776CassisSA
BE 0683.958.678House RoverSPRL
BE 0732.788.379Ace Pharmaceuticals BelgiumSRL