Located 35 companies in Sledderlo in Genk

We located 35 legal entities on the address: Sledderlo in Genk in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0466.665.614KometenPr LLC
BE 0442.684.244OzpaCS
BE 0534.777.133Hera HenaPr LLC
BE 0211.243.135Kerkfabriek Sint-Jozef (Vl - Genk)PUBINS
BE 0834.156.943Can-PaPr LLC
BE 0502.950.740Atik ProjectsGENPAR
BE 0465.481.620SenovaPr LLC
BE 0211.505.332Kerkfabriek Sint-Jozef (Vl - Genk)PUBINS
BE 0658.716.310RenasPr LLC
BE 0775.844.008Aedifix ConstructiePLC
BE 0640.779.525Nikè HenaPr LLC
BE 0683.523.663Ozzy's HairplacePr LLC
BE 0467.355.007Parochiehuis Sint-JozefNPROF
BE 0846.634.905SarisolPr LLC
BE 0768.507.838Erhan FoodPLC
BE 0423.628.890Tennis Club EuropaNPROF
BE 0849.558.860Salvum EnergyPr LLC
BE 0892.045.949Ziezo HenaPr LLC
BE 0743.516.084SaryaPLC
BE 0452.094.135VehiculumCSUL