Located 507 companies in rue de sarolay in Gent

We located 507 legal entities on the address: rue de sarolay in Gent in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0442.693.944PingSC (AS)
BE 0438.308.554CompostelaSC (AS)
BE 0432.015.432StellingnameASBL
BE 0428.529.865All-Round Collected Creative TalentsSNC
BE 0433.127.170Nadine Van De Wiele- GerechtsdeurwaarderSC SPRL
BE 0434.979.771Emiel De BlockSPRLU
BE 0453.744.422M.d.c. IntSPRLU FS
BE 0475.133.813De Wijk SleutelASBL
BE 0420.305.750Glaucoma Society Of The International CongressAISBL
BE 0417.535.609AstmafondsASBL
BE 0419.647.437Jeugdcentrum El PasoASBL
BE 0409.589.032Societe Feline Des FlandresASBL
BE 0409.890.524Oeuvre De Saint Jean Francois QegisASBL
BE 0405.602.134CofinatexSA
BE 0405.607.775LotescoSC (AS)
BE 0401.017.103Carlos Van Damme Georges Van Damme Pierre Van Ginderachter Discontukantoor Der Nationale Bank Van BelgiëSC (AS)
BE 0401.084.805Robin En Cie (Handelsnaam Was O Rein)SPRL
BE 0400.108.469Auto - Elektriek Strobbe GebroedersSPRL
BE 0884.831.723Bettens-VanhelsuweSNC
BE 0876.727.174The Ghent Group On Hiv In Women And ChildrenAISBL