Located 78 companies in Rue Alfred Defuisseaux in Grace Hollogne

We located 78 legal entities on the address: Rue Alfred Defuisseaux in Grace Hollogne in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0428.911.036Soft Service ElectronicSC (AS)
BE 0429.301.016Comité Ecole Libre Mixte VilletteASBL
BE 0438.349.730Basket Team BorinageSC (AS)
BE 0445.507.241Fiduciaire Antoine DebaySPRL
BE 0434.691.246Finance Conseil InternationalSC (AS)
BE 0422.714.815W.l.b.q. Production - Wallonie, Liége,belgique, QualitéASBL
BE 0404.241.857Etablissements DemySA
BE 0416.948.362Carolo - FinanceSA
BE 0414.291.849Aux Sept NainsSPRL
BE 0410.698.889Oeuvres Decanales De SoumagneASBL
BE 0455.493.885Groupement Chretien Des Pensionnes De Marcinelle - VilletteASBL
BE 0463.792.830Hdm ConceptSPRL
BE 0474.804.310SolupacSPRLU FS
BE 0473.876.375Aux Pains DoresSPRLU
BE 0810.373.830Waremme ChaussuresSCS
BE 0813.228.796Falcone ConsultingSPRL
BE 0537.472.347Cinélabel FilmsASBL
BE 0595.848.135Warnant F CSASPJ
BE 0676.872.532Toitures FawaySPRL
BE 0682.632.649Claes & Co-Team 1SNC