Located 1281 companies in Place Stephanie in Ixelles

We located 1281 legal entities on the address: Place Stephanie in Ixelles in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0431.386.120SorecentreSA
BE 0429.547.078Phillies Et CoSA
BE 0416.143.559Le Vert GalantSA
BE 0420.941.693SiderexSA
BE 0424.176.842SynergiesASBL
BE 0423.413.908Association Des Infirmières Et Infirmiers Diplômés De L'ecole Edith Cavell-Marie DepageASBL
BE 0428.640.030PimlincoSC (AS)
BE 0428.699.517VaubanSPRL
BE 0428.704.960Le JeroboamSC (AS)
BE 0418.335.363Taverne Restaurant Le BalmoralSPRL
BE 0418.376.638Continental AdvertisingSA
BE 0418.918.650Total Promo - DiscoSPRL
BE 0420.516.477Entrepots Nationaux De Vins Et Spiritueux D'origine - Nationale Stapelhuizen Van Oorspronkelijke Wijnen En SpiritualienSPRL
BE 0421.831.917Objets - FonctionsSPRL
BE 0421.641.182Adc - International Video RacesSC (AS)
BE 0425.976.092Societe Intercommunautaire De CooperationSA
BE 0427.010.133Dentisterie Opératoire Et Prothèse DentaireSPRL
BE 0415.465.450AtransSA
BE 0441.163.126YasmineSPRL
BE 0442.171.629MedicreaSC (AS)