Located 7 companies in Boulevard de Colonster in Liège

We located 7 legal entities on the address: Boulevard de Colonster in Liège in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0473.060.387Club Veterinaires Sans FrontiereASBL
BE 0894.832.522Dnavision AgrifoodSA
BE 0535.644.886Arts Et SciencesASBL
BE 0472.858.964World Association Of Veterinary Food Hygienists - Wallonie-BruxellesASBL
BE 0447.051.620Association D'epidémiologie Et De Santé AnimaleASBL
BE 0659.949.495Office Des CoursASBL
BE 0871.320.316The European Light Steel Construction AssociationAISBL