Located 15 companies in Boulevard de l'Est in Liège

We located 15 legal entities on the address: Boulevard de l'Est in Liège in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0472.819.471EspèranceASBL
BE 0808.282.885VeaudevilSPRL
BE 0889.340.144Informatique LeroySPRL
BE 0888.435.470Mombassa Africa DanceASBL
BE 0727.771.501ReactivpSRL
BE 0659.898.324YserASBL
BE 0866.511.688Ila-ComSPRL
BE 0466.475.869New Edge ConceptSPRL
BE 0628.981.652Sb RahimiSPRL
BE 0641.966.091Luik RecordsASBL
BE 0542.442.509Nt Group - Global Services G.e.i.e.GEIE
BE 0419.308.036Outremeuse PromotionASBL
BE 0518.997.609IshtarSPRL
BE 0604.982.466Classic ASPRL
BE 0542.354.813M.zSPRL