Located 516 companies in boulevard de douai in Liège

We located 516 legal entities on the address: boulevard de douai in Liège in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0430.255.376Moia DecorSPRL
BE 0424.960.760SecofiscaSC (AS)
BE 0429.526.490Radio CosmosASBL
BE 0423.696.295European Agency Of CommercializationSPRL
BE 0423.751.131ArmaSPRL
BE 0423.590.090I.o. BusSC (AS)
BE 0424.318.382Union Des Détaillants En Alimentation Générale, Fruits Et Légumes De La Province De LiègeASBL
BE 0421.554.377I. Schreiter Et J.-C. JowaSPRL
BE 0426.809.797Henrion - ColletteSPRL
BE 0415.425.462Lemaire Successeurs Tilkin FrertesSPRL
BE 0416.830.774Ets. J. VerstraelenSPRL
BE 0441.377.714HemibelSPRL
BE 0442.498.162EurocompoSA
BE 0442.647.919InterwingSPRL
BE 0436.115.067Building And Job InternationalSC (AS)
BE 0440.664.169DarimobSA
BE 0434.420.438La Licorne De JadeASBL
BE 0434.874.556Cameras Locations ServicesSC (AS)
BE 0403.879.195Transports Henri DerullieuxSPRL
BE 0446.256.022Pita MayaSA