Located 26 companies in Avenue Victor David in Limbourg

We located 26 legal entities on the address: Avenue Victor David in Limbourg in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0428.654.183Musée De La Ville De Limbourg Et Des EnvironsASBL
BE 0429.824.519Saint-Joseph SportsASBL
BE 0443.880.809Flogeda Electronics (Europe)SA
BE 0406.624.493Royal Syndicat D'initiative De LimbourgASBL
BE 0413.708.859Centre Scolaire Specialise Saint JosephASBL
BE 0212.146.819Centre Public D'action Sociale De LimbourgCPAS
BE 0477.145.374Asbl Le KursaalASBL
BE 0470.519.482Limbourg.commerce AsblASBL
BE 0553.749.838Hesse DinSPRL
BE 0842.368.982Astèkilà AsblASBL
BE 0723.893.281Amélie Guyot, Société NotarialeSPRL
BE 0426.801.087Fideco ScprlSPRL
BE 0419.175.008Royal Dolhain VéloASBL
BE 0402.467.153Maison ParoissialeSC (AS)
BE 0402.266.225Compagnie De Commerce TriangulaireSPRL
BE 0206.621.183Ville De LimbourgCOMMUNES
BE 0455.501.310Dgl Bureautique Et InformatiqueSPRL
BE 0837.750.002Francisco MartinSNC
BE 0439.818.487D.c. FinancesSA
BE 0434.666.106Styling CoiffureSCRL