Located 12 companies in AV CARDINAL MERCIER in Namur

We located 12 legal entities on the address: AV CARDINAL MERCIER in Namur in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0667.976.543Cabinet D'avocats BourgeoisPr LLC
BE 0864.036.606Carrefour Des CulturesNPROF
BE 0457.324.118Association Des Ressortissants Congolais De NamurNPROF
BE 0421.461.634Seniors Observatoire Accompagnement HabitatsNPROF
BE 0456.229.503TanhelPLIMCO
BE 0461.913.010La Rose Des Vents EditionsNPROF
BE 0471.505.518Jt NewsPr LLC
BE 0883.891.120Alba SolPr LLC
BE 0859.817.601Nam-OrlPr LLC
BE 0675.551.451B-VapePr LLC
BE 0476.895.154Pastissaria CookPr LLC
BE 0479.894.632Cabinet D'avocats Nyst Et LejeunePr LLC