Located 149 companies in Avenue Albert 1er in Namur

We located 149 legal entities on the address: Avenue Albert 1er in Namur in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0446.271.561Prema-NamurASBL
BE 0445.304.927Association Interhospitaliére De La Région De NamurASBL
BE 0428.165.324Fu DoSPRL
BE 0427.850.271SogeradSC (AS)
BE 0430.977.631Union Namuroise D'insuffisants RénauxASBL
BE 0439.020.812B And J LtdSA
BE 0448.140.097OrniSA
BE 0443.813.206ImmobecaSA
BE 0443.486.968Namur 1992SC (AS)
BE 0421.114.909DetectoSC (AS)
BE 0416.209.677DegheltecoSA
BE 0401.380.357Vite HamoiseSA
BE 0341.756.239Office Régional Wallon Des Déchets (Entreprise Régionale)MRW
BE 0247.637.040Association De Pouvoirs Publics Chr Sambre Et MeuseAss.CPAS
BE 0201.400.308IdegSCRL
BE 0453.134.807ChrisphilSA
BE 0440.156.108Centrapsy NamurSCRL
BE 0456.910.085Carlier BoisSA
BE 0455.860.012Distrigrif'sSPRL
BE 0457.362.819Atelier 4D Architecture Et UrbanismeSPRL