Located 26 companies in Avenue Baron Louis Huart in Namur

We located 26 legal entities on the address: Avenue Baron Louis Huart in Namur in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0441.692.864Polo GrillSC (AS)
BE 0453.794.803Normandie ClubSA
BE 0846.420.812Fondation Millennia2025 - Femmes Et InnovationFUP
BE 0453.486.777Villa CasanovaSA
BE 0438.259.460Immo FreresSA
BE 0438.387.936Bureau De Coordination Des Centres D'etudes Des Techniques AgricolesASBL
BE 0433.771.528David And CoSC (AS)
BE 0435.458.536Aqua StyleSPRL
BE 0429.884.501MacdogSPRL
BE 0433.954.838Constructions Immobilieres De NamurSC (AS)
BE 0414.842.868Lès Rèlîs Namurwès Cercle Royal Littéraire DialectalASBL
BE 0475.468.660EuroprospectiveGEIE
BE 0467.176.348Garage LibionSPRL
BE 0674.997.363Art & HéritanceASBL
BE 0449.050.612Hôpital Sans FrontièreASBL
BE 0445.428.156ImmobilisSPRL
BE 0430.545.287GilmauSC (AS)
BE 0466.964.235Debaty-Gasiorek Services Et TravauxSPRL
BE 0461.268.850Jean-Pierre Debaty Services ImmobiliersSPRL
BE 0542.980.660Dohet Et PuissantSASPJ