Located 426 companies in Rue De Frerissart in Nandrin

We located 426 legal entities on the address: Rue De Frerissart in Nandrin in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0554.848.710ChatelainxpertSPRL
BE 0660.604.444Utva Bureau Emile JacquesUTVA
BE 0628.553.367Afc ConstructSPRL
BE 0560.920.415Dr Patrick MaréchalSC SPRL
BE 0629.839.707Patrick LambertSPRL
BE 0667.965.358JardimmoSPRL
BE 0660.912.765CdafSPRL
BE 0654.743.961Thibaut Laurence And CoSNC
BE 0662.876.521RêvacSNC
BE 0673.662.327P4InvestSC SCRL
BE 0459.609.952Condro MatSPRL
BE 0438.106.933ExploicomSC (AS)
BE 0454.183.692Le ChatillonSPRLU
BE 0458.158.912Cabinet Dentaire Dessart-D'haenSPRL
BE 0455.947.015Le Cartel De NandrinSPRL
BE 0452.696.327MenuidacSPRL
BE 0461.129.486Praxis ConseilSPRL
BE 0455.131.324Torus CounsellingSA
BE 0454.980.775Ecole Libre De Nandrin-TinlotASBL
BE 0457.112.302Vincent DegueldreSPRL