Located 789 companies in Place Lehon in Schaerbeek

We located 789 legal entities on the address: Place Lehon in Schaerbeek in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0431.488.959DifrabelSA
BE 0418.558.463Atlantic - CentreSPRL
BE 0418.564.007Le ColignonSPRL
BE 0430.741.069AnadoluSC (AS)
BE 0430.919.827Insurance Management And Marketing AssociationSC (AS)
BE 0424.874.153Château De La Motte-En-GéeASBL
BE 0421.392.546Jeugdcentrum De FabriekASBL
BE 0415.226.019ImmotecSA
BE 0423.010.169La LyonnaiseSPRL
BE 0428.137.412Taxis BoutaharSCS
BE 0427.910.649D.a.p. - DecorSPRL
BE 0420.218.945BelitasiaSC (AS)
BE 0421.573.777Jml - Service Jeunesse De La Mutualité Libérale Du BrabantASBL
BE 0424.532.574Club Les AmisASBL
BE 0424.573.948GarimarSA
BE 0424.619.082Elektro Metall ExportSA
BE 0425.232.063Comptoir GourmandSPRL
BE 0427.240.755Ortho-TraumSPRL
BE 0415.900.960Het Verbond Der Liberale Mutualiteiten Van Brabant, Speciaal FondsASBL
BE 0416.362.503Diffusion Fils CardesSA