Check L'immobilière Familiale in Rue Henri Evenepoel in Schaerbeek

Check L'immobilière Familiale and its 9893 neighbors in Rue Henri Evenepoel in Schaerbeek in Belgium, all operating with a Belgian corporate ID number. We located 9893 legal entities on the address: Rue Henri Evenepoel in Schaerbeek in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0401.972.453L'immobilière FamilialeSCRI
BE 0652.655.293Rebranding Africa ForumASBL
BE 0636.823.608EprodSPRL
BE 0870.142.062Soumble TradersSCRI
BE 0656.762.848Kapitein PaddockSPRL
BE 0473.689.897Full ServiceSPRL
BE 0841.946.241Bul RenoveSPRL
BE 0502.741.397SiafSPRL
BE 0841.980.091Paktin TransfertSNC
BE 0831.034.038Het LeerhuisASBL
BE 0441.997.128Kaan CleanSPRL
BE 0843.704.812NailouSPRL
BE 0823.948.385Cititrip ScsSCS
BE 0423.945.824Première Eglise Du Christ, Scientiste, BruxellesAISBL
BE 0534.733.878Badaek's BuildingSPRL
BE 0419.697.125Comite Belgie - Haiti - Comite Belgique - HaitiASBL
BE 0647.799.454Belgium Service.beSPRL
BE 0475.289.112Philippe VancloosterSPRL
BE 0420.413.044Promotion De L'emploi À SchaerbeekASBL
BE 0863.933.468Hi Tech ServicesSPRL