Located 16 companies in Kampdreef in Schilde

We located 16 legal entities on the address: Kampdreef in Schilde in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0435.697.967VerdijckSPRL
BE 0404.124.863HalamSA
BE 0450.237.079Hoeben En CoSPRL
BE 0461.291.121FreboSPRL
BE 0425.847.024Verdediging Gescheiden MannenASBL
BE 0404.131.494SogerimSA
BE 0865.054.512Friday Eurotech ConstructSA
BE 0888.906.911ImcmSPRL
BE 0860.710.593Adconsulting ConceptsSPRL
BE 0439.443.256Buiten De Muren Extra MurosSPRL
BE 0404.127.239MansioSA
BE 0463.689.494Wim Van SoensSPRL
BE 0472.356.742Denis NicoleSPRL
BE 0659.844.874ConfininSCS
BE 0830.935.949Connect MarineSPRL
BE 0892.590.832Fridayeurotech MechanicalSA