Located 69 companies in Alfons Servaislei in Schoten

We located 69 legal entities on the address: Alfons Servaislei in Schoten in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0446.728.946Pitt ManagementSCA
BE 0431.979.701B.i.s.d.SA
BE 0437.691.318Anacc ServicesSCRL
BE 0442.871.910Donck InvestSA
BE 0451.877.369ChalexSA
BE 0455.189.326KibaSPRL
BE 0450.404.850AlerimmoSA
BE 0450.870.747Doms - Van Den BosscheSA
BE 0460.534.719Euro Meridian CommunicationsSPRLU
BE 0473.151.944International Aviation SupportSPRL
BE 0461.136.713Houtakkers CoSA
BE 0458.676.574Gust HerrewijnSPRL
BE 0473.800.755Loos Loos BvbaSPRL
BE 0598.690.334ProportSPRL
BE 0888.529.205Dr.m.kowiSPRL
BE 0464.695.821M M TradeSPRL
BE 0464.330.486CisimexSPRL
BE 0864.940.189Pascale StappaertsSPRL
BE 0848.194.328OrganergySA
BE 0441.543.010The B.s.l. CompanySPRL