Located 527 companies in Rue Des Anges in Soumagne

We located 527 legal entities on the address: Rue Des Anges in Soumagne in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0424.788.041Association Liegeoise Des Secretaires Et Assistant(Es) De DirectionASBL
BE 0419.315.360Pirard - ConstructionsSPRL
BE 0422.162.212Iso TechniqueSA
BE 0425.604.722ElectromixSPRL
BE 0425.770.513WoodySPRL
BE 0426.576.009Volanti Freres Entreprise GeneraleSA
BE 0416.342.509Publi - DesignSA
BE 0443.389.473C.d.f. ConstructionSPRL
BE 0442.622.876Sigma ConseilsSC (AS)
BE 0438.946.972ArcoSC (AS)
BE 0439.066.045HerbopharSA
BE 0444.254.357GaellSC (AS)
BE 0444.164.186GaellSC (AS)
BE 0431.911.207Le TanagraSC (AS)
BE 0406.683.188S.o.s. Boites De Lait - S.o.s. Melk In BlikASBL
BE 0404.241.857Etablissements DemySA
BE 0403.883.551Ciné-Théâtre L'essorSC (AS)
BE 0410.698.889Oeuvres Decanales De SoumagneASBL
BE 0410.698.988Secretariat D'apprentissage De SoumagneASBL
BE 0413.746.768Transports Gilbert NizetSPRL