Located 227 companies in Rue Haute in Stavelot

We located 227 legal entities on the address: Rue Haute in Stavelot in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0652.931.249Valmi ConceptSPRL
BE 0597.686.482S'passe-TempsASBL
BE 0550.487.173Commission Economique Belgo-MarocaineASBL
BE 0667.752.354Lising - RemacleSASPJ
BE 0443.606.338La Nouvelle FougèreASBL
BE 0451.073.754Cach Dr. En MédecineSC SPRL
BE 0458.467.629M & R ConsultSPRL
BE 0831.855.469Notaire CrespinSC SPRL
BE 0830.195.086Frans Marion ConsultSPRL
BE 0666.824.718Jet ConsultingSPRL
BE 0838.239.950LuxonovSPRL
BE 0832.132.613Association Des Copropriétaires De La Residence Clos De La Renardiere, À 4970 Stavelot, Rue De Spa 144ACP
BE 0427.557.489Entreprises Wansart-RousselleSC (AS)
BE 0426.193.848Le Brin De BruyereSPRL
BE 0435.429.238Maison MarquetSC (AS)
BE 0421.183.007L'ardenneSPRL
BE 0429.444.932Parking Et ServiceSA
BE 0434.409.550Hotel Beau SiteSA
BE 0433.489.337Advertising And Direct Marketing ConceptSPRL
BE 0430.508.170Le Relais Des DiligencesSA