Located 9011 companies in Avenue Jean Et Pierre Carsoel in Uccle

We located 9011 legal entities on the address: Avenue Jean Et Pierre Carsoel in Uccle in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0451.004.765CalameSPRL
BE 0447.991.827Euro Liver FoundationEtUtPub
BE 0450.566.285Muse Et ContesASBL
BE 0408.648.429Club Bowling MarniASBL
BE 0235.075.837Fabrique D'eglise Orthodoxe-Russe Saint-Job (Br-Uccle)ETSPUBLI
BE 0407.406.433Home Notre-Dame De Toutes GrâcesASBL
BE 0534.510.679Association Des Copropriétaires À Uccle Avenue Latérale 17/19ACP
BE 0431.387.506PromobelSPRL
BE 0431.447.981MistigriSC (AS)
BE 0418.720.294Alexandra InvestSPRL
BE 0431.251.112Les PlatanesSA
BE 0431.312.280Ft InvestSA
BE 0431.321.584DauphineSA
BE 0430.779.176Who 's Who Informatic And TelecomsSC (AS)
BE 0430.839.455Association De Parents D'eleves Ucclois De Nationalite EtrangereASBL
BE 0430.897.358Churchill ImmobiliereSPRL
BE 0430.605.962FreniqueSPRL
BE 0430.503.915Sunlight EuropeSA
BE 0430.313.378Beri ConsultSPRL
BE 0431.120.161Racing Club De BruxellesASBL