Located 28 companies in Kapelstraat in WOMMELGEM

We located 28 legal entities on the address: Kapelstraat in WOMMELGEM in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0459.030.328CajamoSPRL
BE 0451.940.420Bloemenhandel Luc Janssens - MolsSPRL
BE 0450.262.221Master PaintingSPRL
BE 0404.014.205LyfraSA
BE 0831.594.955Cargoliner BelgiumSPRL
BE 0835.997.468KenobiSPRL
BE 0883.138.577Epox RestylebuildingSPRL
BE 0456.875.641Garage-Carrosserie BertelsSPRL
BE 0834.371.234Mundo VerdeSPRL
BE 0566.923.824Eggevolt ManagementSPRL
BE 0446.014.809Taxi Verboven VrachtSPRL
BE 0880.247.185Policylock.comSPRL
BE 0599.915.108Tvv KoerierSPRL
BE 0407.555.396Veevoeders HermanSPRL
BE 0442.474.012Danny Bertels Racing TeamASBL
BE 0459.727.144Wr LogisticsASBL
BE 0535.852.843SarcophilusUTVA
BE 0456.593.351Van Nuffelen RonnySPRL
BE 0446.015.106Immo VerbovenSPRL
BE 0474.741.061Tbc Worldwide ExpressSPRL