Located 16 companies in SUITE B HARLEY STREET in LONDRES

We located 16 legal entities on the address: SUITE B HARLEY STREET in LONDRES in United Kingdom.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0807.857.669Cuba Bar Resto LimitedENT E
BE 0536.412.572Arias Bat S.a. LimitedENT E
BE 0889.793.965Hasan Construction Be LimitedENT E
BE 0893.108.494Belgium Carolo Satt LimitedENT E
BE 0893.990.602Znad Trade Belgium LimitedENT E
BE 0548.767.602Clean Express S.a. LimitedENT E
BE 0889.797.826Gold Belgium LimitedENT E
BE 0889.764.370Kdsa Belgium LimitedENT E
BE 0882.881.132Alliance Construction Be LimitedENT E
BE 0867.101.014IsdtENT E
BE 0546.919.652Parking R.b.r. Aeroport S.a. LimitedENT E
BE 0835.076.364Cdg BelgiumENT E
BE 0897.292.560Fdg Construction Belgium LimitedENT E
BE 0849.991.994Transeurope S.a. LimitedENT E
BE 0828.593.794Atrium Guidance 2 Information LtdENT E
BE 0501.748.336Euro Contracting Corporation LimitedENT E