Located 38 companies in BOX in GIMO

We located 38 legal entities on the address: BOX in GIMO in Sweden.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0831.098.473Munters Europe AbENT E
BE 0542.955.421Stenstorps Buss AbENT E
BE 0500.755.471Uv-System Nordic AbENT E
BE 0559.853.910Boxholm Technologies AbENT E
BE 0630.640.946Alfa-Laval Lund AbENT E
BE 0635.992.376Signmax AbENT E
BE 0644.395.942Elecosoft Consultec AbENT E
BE 0871.923.496Rottneros AbENT E
BE 0867.187.225Per Sommerhein AktiebolagENT E
BE 0860.507.388Alfa Laval Europe Ab NvENT E
BE 0692.585.047Ab Gimo Buss & TaxiENT E
BE 0691.952.369Sennans Buss AbENT E
BE 0847.125.546Billerudkorsnas AktiebolagENT E
BE 0817.624.876Eton Fashion AbENT E
BE 0505.773.242Agility AbENT E
BE 0630.968.271Stora Enso Skoghall AbENT E
BE 0542.528.918Sohlberg Buss AbENT E
BE 0542.951.659Kanalbuss I Norsholm AktiebolagENT E
BE 0589.940.439Atlas Copco Secoroc AbENT E
BE 0670.695.513G. Larsson Drying Technology AbENT E