Check J & B Immo in category Real estate activities

The NACE code gets assigned by the European Union and Belgium to a specific class of economic activity (commercial or otherwise ). This classification code helps to produce industry overviews and statistics. "Principal activity " is the NACE code that a certain ' economic unit ' (company, institution, corporation) specified as the most contributing to its overall value . A number of additional activities can be mentioned to better represent the company.

Select J & B Immo or any other corporation in NACE category: Real estate activities below in order to check their VAT number, official company name, legal form, operating status, the registered offices, financial data, official publications and lots more Belgian company information!

VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0886.609.296J & B ImmoSPRL
BE 0887.485.563LemaSA
BE 0893.139.970Immo LibraSPRL
BE 0897.015.418Litus DevelopmentSA
BE 0893.719.297Gom PropertiesSCA
BE 0894.084.533Immo WeynandSA
BE 0894.259.133M2 E2SA
BE 0894.433.238Immo PlaneetSA
BE 0894.328.320InvesticaSA
BE 0895.073.537Kappa Investissements Immobiliers, En Abrege: Kp2ISCA
BE 0895.941.290Alda ImmoSPRL
BE 0898.517.334Conreur 113SPRL
BE 0899.266.808S & S InvestSPRL
BE 0899.088.446B.d.n.s.b.SC SPRL
BE 0899.216.724Invest-Group AutomotiveSPRL
BE 0899.182.080Immo CelineSPRL