API Enrich your application with structured company information through our simple JSON REST API.

Start using the API now

Our simple REST API allow you to obtain up-to-date Belgian business information in real-time. Data.be offers a free basic API data set, so you can quickly test the integration in your application and evaluate our extended offering. Just send us a Belgian VAT number and our API will return the company name, business type and address.

We offer more extended paid APIs to further enrich your application with shorter work-flows and improved user experience.

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows one piece of software to make use of the functionality and/or data from another. Software developers can easily integrate APIs in their applications. It provides a consistent, programmatic method for accessing a resource.


Allows machines to handle the data entry, integration and validation workload, which used to require more expensive manual work
By enabling data sharing between IT systems and organisations our API facilitates not only the dissemination of knowledge, but also the design of innovative online services
Enables not just your team but also your users, customers and prospects and even allows to update workflows so that they can be done with fewer steps and greater productivity

Remove the need to repeat laborious data entry tasks, save staff time and increase organisational efficiency

  • Validate Belgian and European VAT numbers
  • Enrich business data
  • Get instant validation to detect closed businesses
  • Check bank account numbers
  • Score official email addresses and business locations
  • Detect undisclosed links between companies and stakeholders
  • Detect B2B fraud attempts to prevent their costly financial recovery
  • Improve back office operations
  • Raise conversion rates in B2B forms by pre-filling business data
  • Enrich info requests and leads with detailed background information (check widget/form filler application)
  • Qualify your leads automatically based on relevance and business fit
  • Get official financial information about your customers, suppliers, prospects or competitors

Visit our dedicated API portal for software developers and architects to request your token and start integrating our JSON formated business data in your application now.