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Business background checks

Check your customers and prospects in real time

  • Get alerted about company changes by email (address, director, capital, bankruptcy..)
  • Consult the latest financial and legal information about all Belgian companies
  • Know who you are dealing with: check your business partners and their history
  • Prevent fraud with our unique ‘business entity link checker’ tool

Prospection data

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  • 2 041 056companies segmented by region, employees, age, size, activities..…
  • 124 564direct phone numbers to contact directors and managers
  • 247 895emails for different departments and their key stakeholders

Instantly access top-quality company profiles in segmented markets.

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Benefit from our experience to add value by structuring massive data sets

  • Elasticsearch architecture, prototyping, development & optimisation
  • Big data analysis and consulting
  • Real time data analytics optimisation
  • Data scientists to the rescue
  • R&D projects on entity recognition and OCR optimisation
  • Custom financial information in data formats of your choice (csv, xls, xml,..) to enrich your customer profiles

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