Drive more B2B leads
with enriched data

Quality trumps quantity when closing sales today.
Take a smart approach towards marketing and sales and prepare yourself with the best data out there.

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Drive more B2B leads
with enriched data

Sales Statistics that will help you sell smarter

  • Sales people spend 17% of their time entering data
  • Boost your sales by using good data
  • 10% of companies move every year, 9% changes managers

Identify the most interesting B2B leads

Extend your reach

Keep your database
always up-to-date

Find new B2B leads
Boost your sales

Use accurate and high quality data to better know you prospects. Identify your ideal target customers with the power of comprehensive business details and advanced criteria.

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Clean data

Never send information to the wrong address
Keep your database clean by automatically updating

Starters package

Receive a daily, weekly or monthly file with all newly started companies

Professional subscription

Research 100 companies per month
Have detailed info on the directors
Use advanced filters to search for leads


Automate your process
with Business API

Improve back-office efficiency or front-end onboarding by integrating our fast & easy API into your systems. Our reliable API transports streams of business data and is highly customizable. Our CTO has over 15 years of experience and is a well-known expert on API’s. We will get you started in less than 5 minutes. Visit our dedicated API page for more information.

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