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Obtain your business information in real-time through our simple REST API. An Application Programming Interface (API) is simply a structured way of exposing functionality and data between applications.

Our APIs reduce the need to repeat laborious data entry and update tasks, so you increase organisational efficiency and the conversion of prospects to customers.

Use our web services to validate Belgian and European VAT numbers. Get instant validation to detect closed businesses, check bank account numbers, detect undisclosed links between companies and their stakeholders, improve back office operations and raise conversion rates in B2B forms by pre-filling business data.

Visit our dedicated API portal for software developers and architects to request your token and integrate our JSON formated business data in your application now.
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Company Alerts to follow business partners

Join over 40 000 registered users, who already configured our company alerts to follow their Belgian business partners.

Imagine getting alerted by email on any change of address, director, annual account, capital transaction, bankruptcy, etc…

No longer miss out on new business opportunities. Reduce fraud and the risk of sending goods and invoices to an outdated address.

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Mandate Checker

Our “Mandate Checker”-application offers a web interface and API, which can be queried by VAT-number or company name to return all details on who is allowed to legally represent and mandate a company.

We provide the active managers and official legal representatives with their role and whether the act in person or via an intermediate management company. We also determine the historic representatives and present them in a detailed overview.

Our advanced text mining algorithms indicate the relevant snippets from the bylaws and highlight the conditions which may require several representatives to legally sign a contract or validate a mandate.

This FinTech application is mainly used by Belgian banks and factoring companies to speed up and automate their financial contract approval processes.

UBO Checker (Ultimate Beneficiary Owner)

This white label application was developed for a Belgian bank to reduce their administrative burden in complying with their legal obligations as financial institutions to establish so-called “Ultimate Beneficiary Owner” declarations, which disclose the private persons behind their business customers (operating as incorporated businesses).

Our document flow application pre-fills the required form fields with the latest known information extracted from the published corporate bylaws. We allow the customer to add and update certain fields, foresaw an approval procedure for the bank employees and prepared a PDF document for signature by the customer.

We are looking for banks with a shared interest to further automate this cumbersome compliance process and to minimise the effort for both their back office teams as for the customer’s managers & entrepreneurs involved.

Business Profile Optimiser

Enriched company profile

Over 11.000 users trust for their business searches every day.

  • What do you want them to see about your business?
  • How can you convert their interest into a purchase decision?
  • How do you prefer visitors to get in contact with you?

Our Business Profile Optimiser allows you to edit, enrich and validate your public company profile.

The official information we show from authentic government sources is legally binding, but does not always fully represent the current state of your company. We allow you to complete your company page with free basic contact data (telephone & bank account numbers). We offer premium features in a paid extended profile to attract even more customers or to hide certain information in your public profile.

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