Minimize your financial risk and prevent fraud

Companies lose money every day by interacting with bad payers, fraud or by using incorrect company information.
These problems can be avoided by taking on a pro-active stance where the follow-up and screening of business relations are key.

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Manage business risk with confidence

Belgian companies are increasingly affected by payment scams

More and more Belgian companies are facing a new type of scams: the payment scam.
In order to guard against such fraudulent acts, it is essential to raise awareness among the different levels of the corporate hierarchy.
It is essential that companies put in place procedures to reduce the risk of undue payments, for example by verifying and approving invoices and by strictly observing payment signing authorities.


Reduce payment defaults

Minimize fraud

Keep your database
always up-to-date

Decrease risks
Screen your counterparty

Detailed business information gives you all the relevant KPIs to evaluate risk.
Leverage our rich business graph to make informed decisions and assess your business partners.

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Business Graph

Find links between directors and companies
Have a better understanding of your client
Don’t get fooled by malicious scammers

Link Checker

Check links between two VAT numbers
Based on multiple parameters (directors, location, online presence, etc...)

Email Scoring

Find out the chance that an email is linked to a company.
Score the probability of an email matching a website.

Bank Accounts

Make sure the bank account really exists


Automate your process
with Business API

Improve back-office efficiency or front-end onboarding by integrating our fast & easy API into your systems. Our reliable API transports streams of business data and is highly customizable. Our CTO has over 15 years of experience and is a well-known expert on API’s. We will get you started in less than 5 minutes. Visit our dedicated API page for more information.

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