About us data.be is a Brussels based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. We structure business information so you can easily discover, check, qualify & follow Belgian companies.

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Open and "Lean"

We adhere to the “Lean startup” methodology and “Open Data” movement.

By structuring business info and enriching open data we express our belief in the benefits of transparency to build a sustainable society where knowledge creates power for the many, not the few.

Data.be mines unstructured text data, so you don’t have to.

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The beginning

Our roots trace back to the first Brussels Startup Weekend organised in January 2011, during which we’ve build an experimental full text search engine on a month of publications from the Belgian State Gazette (Het Belgisch Staatsblad / Le Moniteur Belge).

The positive jury and audience response motivated us to conduct more customers interviews. The findings aligned with the needs already experienced by our founders during their previous internet ventures (matchmaking in the construction industry and restaurant directory).

Our core team continued the development of the data.be search engine for enriched Belgian business information.

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Eric & Toon

Our co-founders Toon Vanagt and Eric Rodriguez incorporated data.be sprl on 29/02/2012. The data.be website quickly grew to become THE Belgian business info platform attracting over 11.000 daily visitors.

We’ve been self-funding our growth and product development ever since. Our team is part of the pioneering co-working fans at Betacoworking, where we regularly organise meetups about Elasticsearch and FinTech-related subjects.

Eric and Toon picture
Eric and Toon picture


In 2015 data.be spinned out Lex.be, a comprehensive legal search engine for Belgian legislation and case law. Lex.be operates fully independently and is managed by CEO Erik De Herdt, who makes sure his platform fills the search needs of legal professionals and citizens.

FinTech Experts in R&D

Our proven track record regarding Full Text Search Engines and Open Data entity recognition was honoured by R&D grants from Innoviris in Brussels and the European Commission (Fiware Finodex).

Our mission

"To explore strange new data sets, to seek out new entities and new patterns, to boldly go where no data scientist has gone before."

On a more serious note, we're committed to bringing our customers the kind of structured data and APIs a modern business needs to run efficiently. Our platform offers full text search, customer discovery & analysis, industry classification, benchmarking, geolocation & fraud prevention and powers business background checks and address validation.

We build advanced tools to enable our customers to gain valuable insights and to help them focus on building great products to grow faster.

Our data scientists and software developers continue to add and structure useful business sources so you can easily discover, check, qualify & follow Belgian companies. We look forward to collaborate and invite you to discover our :