Gain business insights
on companies & managers

Access complete and structured business information from official datasources, so you can easily discover new leads and assess companies health.

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Get business information

Get comprehensive information on companies and their managers. Check you business partners and their history

Check company health

Consult the latest financial and legal information on any Belgian company

Monitor key events

Get email alerts about company changes: address, director, capital, bankruptcy, ...

Find new B2B leads
Boost you sales

Use accurate and high quality data to better know you prospects. Identify your ideal target customers with the power of comprehensive business details and advanced criteria.

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Control your risk
Know your partners

Detailed business information gives you all the relevant KPIs to evaluate risk.
Leverage our rich business graph to make informed decisions and assess your business partners.

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Automate your process
with Business API

Integrate comprehensive dataset in your internal processes.
Rely on a fast & easy API to improve your back-office efficiency.


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Testimonial 1

As a real estate company we mainly use to screen candidate buyers or renters when they want to do a real estate transaction. We can quickly and easily see if the candidate has a healthy balance.

Anthony Sparks - Immo-Europe

Testimonial 2 helps us to carry out administrative simplification in our services and business center. This saves time and effort, and therefore costs in the long term. In a nutshell, we find all the necessary company data in one spot, where we used to consult three to four different websites. I love it !

Marnix Housen - ICAB incubator

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