Establishments Unit
Establishment number
Parent company's VAT
BE 0896.024.731
Date of creation
April 2, 2008
Parent company's name
LIMAS Consulting
Main activity
Other postal and courier activities

15 years in business



Ridder Berthoutlaan, 16
2845 Niel

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Primary activities

DateSector descriptionNace
02-04-2008Other postal and courier activities53.200

Secondary activities

DateSector descriptionNace
25-03-2016Residential property development41.101
25-03-2016Non-residential property development41.102
25-03-2016Retail trade of clothing accessories in specialised stores47.715
25-03-2016Fund management activities66.300
25-03-2016Renting and operating of own or leased real estate, excluding social housing68.201
25-03-2016Rental and operating of own or leased real estate, except land68.203
25-03-2016Land rental and operation68.204
25-03-2016Activities of agents and representatives of artists, sportsmen and other public figures74.901
25-03-2016Rental and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles (< 3.5 tons)77.110
25-03-2016Performances by independent artists90.011
25-03-2016Production of shows by artistic ensembles90.012
25-03-2016Specialised services in sound, image and lighting90.023
25-03-2016Management of theatres, concerts and suchlike90.041
25-03-2016Management of cultural centres and multifunctional rooms with a cultural aspect90.042
25-03-2016Other sporting activities n.e.c.93.199
25-03-2016Other amusement and recreation activities n.e.c.93.299
25-03-2016Other personal service activities96.099
25-03-2016Real estate development of new residential houses or renovations4.110.101
25-03-2016Property development of residential buildings4.110.102
25-03-2016Real estate development of: commercial and industrial centres, hotels, business areas and markets, marinas, ski resorts, etc.4.110.211
25-03-2016Development or renovation of urban areas by promotion4.110.212
25-03-2016Other specialised commission trade n.e.s.4.618.001
25-03-2016Commission trade of miscellaneous products4.619.001
25-03-2016Retail trade of jewellery and silverware4.777.002
25-03-2016Retail trade of imitation jewellery, gadgets, etc.4.778.602
25-03-2016Industrial design7.112.102
25-03-2016Short-term rental of passenger cars without driver7.711.001
25-03-2016Rental of stage costumes, carnival wear, ceremonial clothing, jewellery, etc.7.729.402
25-03-2016Activities related to races and contests of animals (horses, greyhounds, pigeons, etc.)9.312.901
25-03-2016Activities related to mechanical sports (cars, motorcycles, karts, etc.)9.312.902
25-03-2016Activities related to regattas, water skiing, jet skiing, hang-gliding, gliding, micro lighting, sightseeing or sports, etc.9.312.904
25-03-2016Promotion and organisation of sporting events for own account and on behalf of third parties9.319.901
25-03-2016Related service activities9.319.902
02-04-2008Commission trade and wholesale trade of motor vehicle equipment45.310
02-04-2008Retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories45.320
02-04-2008Commission trade specialised in the trade of other particular products46.180
02-04-2008Commission trade of miscellaneous products46.190
02-04-2008Retail trade in non-specialised stores with food predominance (sales area <100m²)47.112
02-04-2008Retail trade in non-specialised stores with food predominance (sales area between 100m² and less than 400m²)47.113
02-04-2008Retail trade of fruit and vegetables in specialised stores47.210
02-04-2008Retail trade of bread and pastry in specialised stores (depot)47.241
02-04-2008Retail trade of beverages in specialised stores, general assortment47.252
02-04-2008Retail trade of tobacco products in specialised stores47.260
02-04-2008Retail trade of dairy products and eggs in specialised stores47.291
02-04-2008Other retail trade of food in specialised stores n.e.c.47.299
02-04-2008Retail trade of automotive fuel in specialised stores47.300
02-04-2008Retail trade of cosmetic and toilet articles in specialised stores47.750
02-04-2008Retail trade of hardware goods and cleaning products in specialised stores47.784
02-04-2008Transport of passengers by taxi49.320
02-04-2008Other passenger land transport n.e.c.49.390
02-04-2008Freight transport by road except removal services49.410
02-04-2008Auxiliary services to land transportation52.210
02-04-2008Non-port handling52.249
02-04-2008Other transportation support activities52.290
02-04-2008Activities of holding companies64.200
02-04-2008Public relations and communication activities70.210
02-04-2008Business and other management consultancy activities70.220
02-04-2008Combined office administrative service activities82.110
02-04-2008Organisation of conventions and trade shows82.300
02-04-2008Other business support service activities n.e.c.82.990
02-04-2008Other forms of education85.599
02-04-2008Retail trade of canned fruit and vegetables4.721.011
02-04-2008Retail trade of bread and pastry4.724.101
02-04-2008Retail trade of coffee4.729.901
02-04-2008Retail trade of condiments and spices4.729.902
02-04-2008Other retail trade of food in specialised stores n.e.s.4.729.903
02-04-2008Retail trade of perfume and cosmetics4.775.001
02-04-2008Retail trade of toiletries4.775.002
02-04-2008Retail trade of hardware goods and cleaning products4.778.401
02-04-2008Retail trade of cleaning products4.778.402
02-04-2008Taxi operation4.932.001
02-04-2008Rental of passenger cars with driver4.932.002
02-04-2008Transport of goods by road: transport of lumber, cattle, cars, waste, refrigerated transport, international heavy transport, bulk transport, including tankers4.941.001
02-04-2008Furniture moving, for individuals, offices, workshops or factories4.942.001
02-04-2008Delivery of furniture and household equipment4.942.003
02-04-2008Towing and roadside assistance5.221.011
02-04-2008Messaging: the removal of goods and the grouping of individual items for the shipment, distribution and delivery of goods upon arrival5.229.041
02-04-2008Delivery of express freight5.229.042
02-04-2008Other activities related to the organisation of freight transport5.229.043
02-04-2008Holding management activities: intervention in day-to-day management, representation of companies on the basis of ownership or control of the share capital, etc.6.420.011
02-04-2008Long-term holding of shares issued by several other companies classified in different economic sectors6.420.012
02-04-2008Investment advice and management of third party financial assets (Royal Decree of 5 August 1991 relating to asset management and investment advice)6.619.903
02-04-2008Deposit and guarantee6.619.913
02-04-2008Intermediation in loans and loans by brokers and other intermediaries6.619.914
02-04-2008Advice and operational assistance to companies in the fields of public relations and communication7.021.001
02-04-2008Arbitration and conciliation between the management of companies and its employees7.021.002
02-04-2008Advice and assistance to companies and public services in planning, organisation, performance research, control, management information, etc.7.022.001
02-04-2008Calculation of the costs and benefits of proposed measures for planning, organising, performance, etc.7.022.002
02-04-2008General audit activities7.022.003
02-04-2008Management advice given for example by agronomists or agricultural economists on farms etc.7.022.004
02-04-2008Other recreational activities n.e.c.9.329.921