Establishments Unit
Establishment number
Parent company's VAT
BE 0869.887.288
Date of creation
December 2, 2004
Parent company's name
Main activity
Elaboration of projects involving activities relating to civil or structural engineering, hydraulic engineering and traffic engineering

19 years in business



Zandstraat, 14
3500 Hasselt

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Primary activities

DateSector descriptionNace
01-01-2008Elaboration of projects involving activities relating to civil or structural engineering, hydraulic engineering and traffic engineering7.112.104

Secondary activities

DateSector descriptionNace
01-01-2008Financial leasing64.910
01-01-2008Other business support service activities n.e.c.82.990
01-01-2008Holding management activities: intervention in day-to-day management, representation of companies on the basis of ownership or control of the share capital, etc.6.420.011
01-01-2008Long-term holding of shares issued by several other companies classified in different economic sectors6.420.012
01-01-2008Real estate transactions such as: residential buildings and dwelling houses, non-residential buildings, land and grounds6.810.001
01-01-2008Advice and assistance to companies and public services in planning, organisation, performance research, control, management information, etc.7.022.001
01-01-2008Calculation of the costs and benefits of proposed measures for planning, organising, performance, etc.7.022.002
01-01-2008General audit activities7.022.003
01-01-2008Management advice given for example by agronomists or agricultural economists on farms etc.7.022.004
01-01-2008Design and realisation of projects relating to electrical and electronic engineering; mining, chemical, mechanical and industrial engineering, systems engineering, security techniques, etc.7.112.101
01-01-2008Industrial design7.112.102
01-01-2008Development of projects involving acoustic engineering, air conditioning, refrigeration, sanitation and pollution control, etc.7.112.103
01-01-2008Geodetic survey activities: hydro graphic, underground, boundary survey; mapping and geographic data collection activities, including aerial photography, etc.7.112.106
01-01-2008Activities of land surveyors-real estate experts7.112.201
01-01-2008Activities of construction economists7.112.202
01-01-2008Establishment of topographic surveys and demarcation of properties7.112.203
01-01-2008Calculation of the metrics of structures7.112.204
02-12-2004Marchands de biens immobiliers70.120
02-12-2004Autres conseils pour les affaires et le management74.142
02-12-2004Activités de gestion et d'administration de holdings74.151
02-12-2004Bureau de géomètre74.202
02-12-2004Études techniques et activités d'ingénierie74.203
02-12-2004Autres services aux entreprises n.d.a74.879