Located 76 companies in rue de wixhou in Gent

We located 76 legal entities on the address: rue de wixhou in Gent in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0437.170.783Holtzeimer Frere Et SoeurSC (AS)
BE 0807.879.544Référence BéninASBL
BE 0840.065.728MotioSCS
BE 0605.792.912Indiv Van Zuylen BernardSASPJ
BE 0462.352.973Hair DesignSPRLU
BE 0565.939.768ImmofanSPRL
BE 0549.838.164EleneSPRL
BE 0460.363.087Jens Management Consultancy And CommunicationsSPRLU FS
BE 0437.226.114Contexte TraductionsSC (AS)
BE 0454.197.847Atico ConsultingSPRL
BE 0864.605.639Rutten Management CommunicationSPRL
BE 0896.973.450Paramoteur Club De ViséASBL
BE 0889.420.516Mondial MeatSPRL
BE 0415.037.264Greg-HouseSPRL
BE 0450.527.287Claims Adjusters And SurveyorsSPRL
BE 0879.485.637L'elemen'terreASBL
BE 0890.275.601S.t.c. ConsultSPRL
BE 0890.450.694InvectoSPRL
BE 0886.034.325A L'oree Du BoisSPRL
BE 0598.768.825Giso.servicesSPRL