Located 20 companies in *route jean xxiii 8 hiligsma in Limbourg

We located 20 legal entities on the address: *route jean xxiii 8 hiligsma in Limbourg in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0422.274.751OrdibelSA
BE 0443.533.389Sub TropicalASBL
BE 0828.502.635Home Staging.lu SarlENT E
BE 0837.017.156Aircolux SaENT E
BE 0414.258.195C.a.m.SPRL
BE 0659.668.987Bdk.lu AsblENT E
BE 0534.739.026PromanetSNC
BE 0415.420.514Art LointainSPRL
BE 0412.071.539R.m.c.SPRL
BE 0404.433.283R.m.a.SPRL
BE 0672.514.163Lme SarlENT E
BE 0534.608.372Trameco SarlENT E
BE 0457.466.351EurofencingSPRL
BE 0684.999.251Essor GlobalSPRL
BE 0830.071.461Ecotoit SarlENT E
BE 0839.914.189Pole Immobiliere SarlENT E
BE 0534.607.877Alex Le Platrier - Facadier SarlENT E
BE 0568.778.504Kintziger Concept & Construction SarlENT E
BE 0521.888.308AlegraSNC
BE 0648.726.397Mgbc Lux S.a R.l.ENT E