Located 647 companies in allee des piverts in Namur

We located 647 legal entities on the address: allee des piverts in Namur in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0430.594.084Le BaillySC (AS)
BE 0416.612.723Elektron ServiceSPRL
BE 0416.980.036Parfums De FranceSPRL
BE 0417.000.327Centre Dramatique Du Pays NoirASBL
BE 0421.409.273L'espérance NouvelleASBL
BE 0428.586.877KreaSC (AS)
BE 0417.545.507Cuisi - BouticSPRL
BE 0425.429.825Présence Des ArtsASBL
BE 0426.711.611A. Detilleux InformatiqueSPRL
BE 0415.621.838Entreprises Van Raes - BajartSPRL
BE 0415.501.181Coredimed, Coopérative De Recherches Et De Diffusions Médicales Et DentairesSC (AS)
BE 0442.334.351Voyages Cuvelier NamurSA
BE 0443.770.050Class CarSC (AS)
BE 0442.572.297L'eblouissantSC (AS)
BE 0436.199.003Promotion Et ServicesSA
BE 0437.928.472Trillium EnterprisesSPRL
BE 0438.883.131Val ImmoSCRL
BE 0439.679.125VivamurASBL
BE 0439.417.423International Business CompanySA
BE 0439.740.887ValorecSPRL