Located 401 companies in allee du moulin a vent in Namur

We located 401 legal entities on the address: allee du moulin a vent in Namur in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0430.149.864Bureau D'expertise Jean-Marie HulinSC (AS)
BE 0429.127.703Fobelets Jean-MarieSPRL
BE 0424.167.934Namur AutomatiqueSPRL
BE 0417.856.303Textiles D.r.SPRL
BE 0441.610.712Pemaco Belg.SPRL
BE 0443.661.568Immo GoSA
BE 0437.811.973Le TropicalSC (AS)
BE 0437.421.302M.g. AssurancesSC (AS)
BE 0438.016.069André ConstructionsSC (AS)
BE 0439.960.920GuimoliSPRL
BE 0435.265.328Le Coeur Du CuirSC (AS)
BE 0435.280.372Les EpigonesASBL
BE 0435.789.821JallaySCRL
BE 0412.730.842Etablissements Jacques ColpeSPRL
BE 0411.915.646Société De Secours Mutuels Des 500MUTU
BE 0401.408.962Comptoir De Vente Des Etablissements Edouard MaterneSA
BE 0401.418.464Compteurs RectaSPRL
BE 0401.371.350Etablissements AnsotteSPRL
BE 0414.539.002Centre Culturel De NamurASBL
BE 0414.760.815Hecking Et CompagnieSPRL