Located 1986 companies in avenue de la pairelle in Namur

We located 1986 legal entities on the address: avenue de la pairelle in Namur in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0672.468.039Coquillages & Crustaces - Vintage StoreSCS
BE 0670.950.384Dr Charles Cuvelier - Néphrologie Et Médecine Interne GénéraleSC SPRL
BE 0629.929.678Gls RenovSPRL
BE 0658.936.539Krav Maga Famille NamurASBL
BE 0548.737.809Culture YiingahASBL
BE 0550.692.556VitavilleSPRL
BE 0553.941.561Unamur VentureSA
BE 0554.907.207Ana PanjabSPRL
BE 0652.966.782Thierry Delvaux AvocatSC SPRL
BE 0659.883.575Auto SedSPRL
BE 0597.747.157UgolphiSPRL
BE 0537.705.147Association Des Copropriétaires Immeuble À Namur, Chaussée De Dinant, 376.ACP
BE 0537.706.038Association Des Copropriétaires Immeuble À Namur, Rue De Balart, 53.ACP
BE 0603.977.824Association Sans But Lucratif BeeASBL
BE 0629.825.156Afin-A, Association Sans But LucratifASBL
BE 0641.647.377CeloreSPRL
BE 0669.741.844Namur Innovation & GrowthSA
BE 0667.976.543Cabinet D'avocats BourgeoisSC SPRL
BE 0651.760.123Home BasedSPRL
BE 0660.713.421Societe Momentanee De Graeve-Duchene-ValensSASPJ