Located 1421 companies in galerie de l'ange in Namur

We located 1421 legal entities on the address: galerie de l'ange in Namur in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0672.468.039Coquillages & Crustaces - Vintage StoreSCS
BE 0629.929.678Gls RenovSPRL
BE 0658.936.539Krav Maga Famille NamurASBL
BE 0550.692.556VitavilleSPRL
BE 0553.941.561Unamur VentureSA
BE 0652.966.782Thierry Delvaux AvocatSC SPRL
BE 0597.747.157UgolphiSPRL
BE 0537.705.147Association Des Copropriétaires Immeuble À Namur, Chaussée De Dinant, 376.ACP
BE 0537.706.038Association Des Copropriétaires Immeuble À Namur, Rue De Balart, 53.ACP
BE 0629.825.156Afin-A, Association Sans But LucratifASBL
BE 0641.647.377CeloreSPRL
BE 0661.706.086Yang PhamSPRL
BE 0656.884.493CogibestSPRL
BE 0654.922.125Loisirs Et PlaisirsSPRL
BE 0459.262.336Speedy Club NamurASBL
BE 0455.870.801Au Vin ChaudSPRL
BE 0455.733.219Le Nouveau ZenithSPRL
BE 0525.668.734Septen-Meridional SolidarityASBL
BE 0458.092.891SavaSPRL
BE 0436.886.713Institut Belge De Promotion ImmobiliereSC (AS)