Located 1504 companies in Avenue Bel Horizon in Wavre

We located 1504 legal entities on the address: Avenue Bel Horizon in Wavre in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0553.901.870Neo ParadygmSCS
BE 0629.929.777Interpart DemSCRL
BE 0537.665.555SortlistSA
BE 0550.607.533Absolute Kj EventsSPRL
BE 0548.751.566Eurafrican Power SolutionsSA
BE 0553.671.545MilenzinvestSPRL
BE 0551.895.653Dr Momjian GaroSC SPRL
BE 0549.942.587GerveSPRL
BE 0564.992.237Continental Carbon Company EuropeSPRL
BE 0628.807.052AxinesisSA
BE 0641.810.495Lsf Paringa HoldingsSCA
BE 0548.923.196AdsUTVA
BE 0669.642.864Improv-ItSA
BE 0667.809.564SPRL
BE 0667.839.258ArtesiaSPRL
BE 0659.625.239Association Momentanee 18-20AM
BE 0645.861.929Jma ConsultSPRL
BE 0659.566.346Grevesse Gilbert & Rodriguez ManSASPJ
BE 0653.814.543Mouv'sportASBL
BE 0661.596.715Baku-DigitalSPRL